The dialogue is the basis of my work. It determines my narrative, introduces the players and takes you along to the scene of the event. In the dialogue, complicated contents can be presented in an understandable manner. So contemporary art can be experienced in many ways. By word and picture. With my articles I want to pique your curiosity and invite you to want to experience art for yourself. Well then: "Let‘s get talking!"

Art Influencer

Entertainment is at the centre of my social media-posts. Like an influencer, I advertise art! Constantly on the move, I share my highlights with you. Having the privilege of visiting studios and previews, the setup of exhibitions or press conferences, I am able to capture cutting-edge opinions and pictures. Expressing the fun and lifestyle aspect of art forms an essential part. Also, you will be informed of imminent and newly published articles on this website. As a follower of my accounts – there when it happens, and in the know!

Art Journalist

My blog aims to convey, not to lecture. Each article is preceded by a dialogue, which I prepare for you in the story-telling format. In a blend of describing observations, interviews and presentations of personal impressions I let you share in my experiences and take you along to the scene of the event. In my stories I get closer to possible answers to questions arising for me while talking to the other person. I consciously refrain from the use of complicated technical terms. That gives easier access to the relevant topics. I also refrain from any form of interpretation. This leaves you free to form your own opinion. Pictures illustrate my talks and let you look "behind the scenes". The special cover photos convey the fun that each new encounter and discovery bring with it. The result: I see what you see!

Art Moderator

You can experience me "live in action" as an art moderator. This may be for the introduction of an exhibition, as a moderator of an event or an 'artist-talk', the live chat with an artist. In this, spontaneity and the contact with the public are just as important as the ability to contribute to the understanding of complex contents in conversation. Here, too, my aim is to include as many of you as possible and not just to address the professionals.

Range of services

Your topic in ART DIALOG

Use ART DIALOG as a platform to promote your artists or events and keep them as a subject of conversation. Whether in the magazine of my website or on social media, use me as an intermediary. Together, we will find a suitable realisation of your individual objectives.

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My range of services comprise the drafting of texts also for external media and publications, postings, whether by Feed, Story, reel or video, introductory speeches at exhibitions, moderating and artist talks. And if needed, a photographer can be supplied and/or the texts can be translated into English. Anything is possible in words and pictures!

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